JW Hype

Return of the Hype Era" EP is the first release from Chicago producer/mc J.W. Hype (Hype Years Producer Emcee). It is a self-produced collection of songs molded in the classic 1987-1990 time period of hip-hop coined the First Golden Era. Channeling many of the eras greatest artists JW Hype stays true this aesthetic for the duration of this modern day classic. Using the classic loops and samples as a backdrop for his Kane-like cadence and fast paced rhyme style this album is sure to be a favorite for 80's babies, old-school lovers, and hip-hop purists alike.

Royale Blue

Royale Blue has produced for various underground hip hop artists including WOLM, D Rok, and Don Craft. His over 500 instrumentals and hip hop tracks range greatly in style and musical complexity. Also an MC, Royale Blue is trained in voice, guitar, piano, and music composition, and much of this know how shines through in his work. Please check out his page for free downloads, collaborations, and more information.


DJ PH is a dj, turntablist, composer, mixer, party crusher from Marseille, he played on stage, collaborated & party with artists such as Grandmaster Dee Nasty, Buckshot Da BDI and opened shows for Beatnuts, Paris, Jeru the Damaja, Tha Alkaholiks, DJ Vadim, etc. "Welcome to my bus" is his first 11 tracks solo lp in which you can hear 10 instrumentals + 1 bangin' vocal track with Buckshot da BDI MC from the Boot Camp Click (BCC)

Joey Barbieri aka Joey B

Joey B is a Tru-school hip-hop artist from the Lowell area of Massachusetts. His lyrics depict the life he has lived to date and are complimented by classic raw hip-hop beats. Joey has been the underdog most of his life and is now proving to the world that anything is possible.

DC Connector

DC Connector brings the Hip Hop producer mentality to a more open arena of sound and musical style. DC is a trip into Electro, Vintage, Experimental Rock, Jazz/Funk and Hip Hop, over dramatic Break and Jungle like beats. DC is Music for the love Music.

MR. Troy

A type of experimental and dreamy hip hop album, full of jazzy vibes.
You may think of a 90's hip hop radio, as well as a 60's jazz club atmosphere. Listen up...

Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats

"Hello" is a jazz infused breath of fresh air, it's a renaissance of the golden age of hip hop, a literal walk down memory lane.  That is if memory lane had a sound track of jazz riffs, boom bap, with a fresh dose of 
scrumptious lyrics...